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Every single day, table tennis betting becomes more and more popular, it is important to understand how to bet on ping pong and what affects table tennis bet outcomes every single day.

That is why in this article we bring you answers to all the many questions and mysteries you have regarding table tennis betting.

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Topics Covered in this course:

1. Table Tennis Betting Explained.

Table Betting in simple terms means staking on an outcome on a table tennis game either pre-match or livebet. In this case we are staking on a competitive table tennis game with either 5 sets or 7 sets.

Table tennis has grown to become a popular sport discipline to bet on, although not all betting sites have it in their options.

Recently, during a local sports bettors get-together bash, one of the punters asked me, “What distinguishes betting on table tennis from betting on football?”

I want to start by answering the question.

The main difference between table tennis and football is; unlike football where we have several stats, blogs and podcasts talking about every single football match, in table tennis this information is very scattered and the table tennis betting stats are rare. Sometimes you even wonder how the odds are set.

That is why we at Wiz Of Betting saw table tennis betting market as field we could get up to 100% value bets and started figuring how it works and how to win daily betting on it as sport

Over the Years we managed to fine tune our systems and have managed to come up with ping pong betting models that guarantee passive positive return every month from betting on table tennis alone.

Now that you have understood the basics of table tennis, let’s look at what we must pay attention on before betting on table tennis.

Table Tennis Player
Table Tennis Player Playing A match

2. What We Must Attention To Before Betting On Table Tennis?

A. Pay Attention To The Current Form Of The Players

The form of a table tennis player is a crucial factor which we believe is neglected by many gamblers despite being important.

Form of the players means; the recent outcomes a ping pong player hard in the few ended games, for example last 10 games.

Checking a payers form allows you to determine if a player is worth winning the match in question, cause it forms a foundation on which the winning probability will be calculated.

Just the way you check the H2H stats of your favorite football teams, you should do likewise for table tennis if you want to win.
My best website for checking table tennis stats is sofascore

B. Pay attention to the tournament & competition in Question

There are 4 Major Leagues/Competitions/Tournaments in table tennis available to bet on:
1. Ukraine Setka Cup
2. Russia Liga Pro
3. Ukraine Win Cup
4. Czech Republic TT Star Series

Out of the four tournaments, Ukraine setka cup is the hardest one to bet on followed by ukraine win cup, then russian league.

We recommend punters to bet on the TT league and russia table tennis leagues because they are the quite developed and not having a lot of suprises.

The best website to track table tennis competitions is betsapi

C. Pay Attention To How Each Ping Pong Players Plays/ Holds the Ratchet

In this case understanding whether a player is left handed or right handed is very important.


Because this influences how a player will play against certain opponents.

Some players tend to perform well against right handed players, while others tend to play well and win against left handed players.

That is why you must watch the table tennis matches to be able to know this.

D. Pay Attention to the health of the player

I realized that in ping pong, the health of players varies very quickly, because they play up to 10 games on a single day with very short resting intervals.

I kept records of 184 table tennis players and run analysis of their results so as to determine when they started scoring lowly and lost lots of points.

The results was as follows:

44 to 78 players lost more points starting on the third table tennis game till the sixth one

That means these players grew weaker quickly and this was definitely affecting them

On the other hand, a good number of players also experienced physical injury which greatly affected how they played the rest of the games.

So ensure you always know the health status of the players you will be betting on.

E. Pay attention to rankings

Thanks to a slight research we did, we found this 4 table tennis info sites that provided us with player ranking:


The above 5 websites are important for every single table tennis punter who wants winning table tennis bets everyday.

This rankings is what we build our models on and the bookmarkers use too to set betting odds for ping pong.

If you can’t understand them, don’t worry, click here to purchase our table tennis PRO BETTING odds.

3.Which Betsite Provide Best Table Tennis Betting Odds?

We did notice that most table tennis bookmarkers tend to remove specific markets and bet outcomes for a good number of table tennis bets daily.

This mostly occurs when they feel they have very less info on a certain table tennis game.

That’s why to be safe you need to open an account with betwinner, bet365 or betcity

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4. Advice From Our Board Of Table Tennis Tipsters.

Always try to come up with your own odds simulation for every table tennis match you bet on. Doing this will get you good values with big odds and that is how you will start winning table tennis over time.

Never forget, that you aren’t betting in a vacuum.

You are betting against the bookmarker and against other table tennis gamblers.

So if you are good at deriving table tennis odds you will be the best if not number 1 😊

Check out our latest article on table tennis betting guide

5. Table Tennis FAQ.

What is the best table tennis prediction website?

Wizofbetting is the best table tennis prediction website that offers daily betting tips and predictions to see you win on table tennis.
On top of that, experts at wizofbetting offer monthly table tennis betting guides that help you sharpen your table tennis skills and bets.

Is table tennis good for betting?

This is question, many bettors do ask.
You see, the answer is a YES. Table tennis provides 99% more value compared to the normal type of betting, so betting on table tennis is good and all gamblers and punters must continue betting on ping pong.

How do you bet on table tennis?

The steps for betting on table tennis are as follows:
1.Open a betwinner account.
2.Use the promocode trending.
3.Deposit money into your account.
4.Come back to wizofbetting
5.Pick the table tennis bet you want to bet on
6.Go back to betwinner, under table tennis section
7.Place your bet after booking it

What is the best table tennis telegram channel?

The best table tennis prediction telegram channel is Wizofbetting
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Where Can I find Table Tennis Tips for today?

Visit for your table tennis betting tips for today. We provide this bets daily and monthly

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