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Sports Betting Tips – How to win daily

This sports betting guide was written to help aspiring gamblers who want to create winning betslips on their own daily
Sports Betting Tips - How to win daily

Sports Betting Tips – How to win daily – Volume 1

As sports fans and bettors, we are exposed to limitless amounts of data and statistics relating to the sports we follow.

You are about to change your betting experience to a winning one

As sports bettors, we often feel compelled to search for the secret to our success buried somewhere in this data and blogs.

It makes sense to stress and pay different tipsters so that you can find the best one.

But what if i tell you that you don’t need to hustle to win in sports betting.

But what if i tell you that you don’t need to pay one to win in sports betting.

Well stick till the end, so that I can show you how to win in sports betting without hustle and paying anyone

By the way, I am John Bright (Sports betting pundit)

I have been writing and tipping for the last 6 years. Click here to follow my youtube channel Trending betting tips.

In this article, we will be talking about what it takes to win in sports betting – Making a sports bettor who win – Volume 1

Topics covered :

  1. 2 best betting websites every bettor need
  2. How to use websites
  3. A live example of how to use the websites


So recently I did a research and compiled 2 betting sites that have proven to be consistent in winning daily.

In short, this websites will allow you get a foundation on how to bet, when to bet and what to bet on so that you win daily.

Why you should continue reading?

I will be showing you these 2 websites

Why they are the best

How to use them to win daily

And show you an example of how to use them

So continue reading and enjoy

Sports Betting Tips – How to win daily

The first betsite is

Why is bettingclosed the best or why is bettingclosed the number 1 website to win in sports?
  1. They provide bets on all the leagues
  2. They provide bets 2 days in advance
  3. They indicate the best bet of the day
  4. They offer correct score tips -78% accurate daily

How do bettingclosed provide their accurate betting predictions (bettingclosed analysis process)

  1. Their predictions are first processed by their betting models
  2. The bets are then reviewed by a group of tipsters
  3. The latest betting stats, latest team news and players health are taken into consideration
  4. They then give us the bet predictions on all the 5 popular betting markets. That is:
    • 1X2 winner
    • Over and under tips
    • Goal and no goal goal betting tips
    • Double chance betting tips
    • Correct score betting tips
best prediction website
Bettingclosed website

The second betsite is

Norabet provides daily betting predictions with specialization in the 1×2 betting market

Norabet is very fundamental in our sports betting process.

norabet website
Norabet Prediction website

How to use this 2 websites to win in soccer betting daily?

  1. Go to
  2. Pick the tips with an accuracy of 70+ predicted on wining
  3. 80% of this games always play as predicted
  4. The average odds of this games always ranges between 1.3 to 2.8
  5. After picking this games, go to bettingclosed and do the following:
    1. Compare the tips of the matches you did select to those on bettingclosed.
    2. Check the one that’s rhyme or are the same.
    3. Pick them and check the goal scoring rates.
    4. Pick the ones with high scoring rates
    5. For example, if home had scored more goals than away and a perfect defence,then we will bet on home team win, and if both teams had almost same scoring rates we will go for over 1.5 goals or both teams to score.

Example of how this betting system works:

best prediction website
norabet website
norabet website

Check the 2 photos above carefully, we will be using it to explain how this betting system works:

  • In our case, we took the match Real Madrid Vs Celta Vigo for our live betting example
  • Norabet had predicted Real Madrid to win with an accuracy of 79%, so we picked this match
  • We then compared with what bettingclosed had tipped on
  • Betting closed was backing a correct score of 2-1 in favour of real madrid
  • We then checked the team stats on bettingclosed (scroll down to view)
  • We found real madrid had a good attack scoring 14 goals and conceding only 3
  • While Celta Vigo had scored 3 goals conceded 5
  • This stats strongly favored Real Madrid to score more goals while at the same time stopping celta vigo from scoring too much
  • So we picked Real Madrid to win FT with a good odds of 1.34

So it’s that simple, that’s how this betting strategy works

If you use it as indicated, you will be able to come up with a winning slip daily.

This sports betting was written by John Bright of Trending Betting Tips to help aspiring gamblers who want to create winning betslips on their own daily

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