The secret of understanding table tennis is understanding how the game is played

A beginner’s guide to betting on table tennis 2021/2022

The secret of understanding table tennis is understanding how the game is played
Table tennis guide

By John Bright Vasily ( Table tennis expert at Setka Cup)

Take a look at our in-depth guide to everything you need to know about table tennis betting, including the most popular markets and how to find the best value within them.

A beginner’s guide to betting on table tennis

Table tennis is arguably the most popular sport to bet on in the UK and Africa right now, with a remarkable 38 per cent of all the money wagered by bettors spent on this beautiful sport.

Table tennis is one of the sports where profit opportunities are most available and guaranteed.

This is why it is Vital that you, the punter & player, knows all the key features of the table tennis game and betting markets.

The huge volume of matches in table tennis game, has helped the industry to grow and to allow bettor to place a wager on a whole host of markets, with many betting sites offering special deals and competitive value odds.

Here we run you through what you need to know about table tennis betting so you can cut through the confusion surrounding the betting markets and games.

A brief introduction to how table tennis betting works.

Odds are set by a bookmarker and they represent the ratio between the stake and winnings on a given outcome, should you wish to back a bet on it. They are usually shown as fractions e.g (4/1), but can sometimes be shown as decimals (2.00) and you can decide which style you prefer to use.

For example, if the outcome of an event has odds of 4/1 (or 4.00), it means you will win $4 for every $1 you bet.

Picking a table tennis betting site for the 2021/2022 season (new season)

Here’s our list of the best bookmarkers and table tennis betting sites. These are great betting websites to open accounts with and then to apply your new knowledge and skills on table tennis (that you are about to learn).

You can scroll down and see our full comprehensive guide on table tennis.

How table tennis betting works (comprehensive guide)

There are hundreds of table tennis matches and markets that are available to bet on each and every day with bookmarkers offering a huge variety of odds. They will give the prices on the outcome of the matches and events within the match, such as the number of points, match winner, number of sets, handicaps, correct scores, scores after 2 sets, over and under market and htft.

You need to understand that a number of bookmarkers will have special offers and competitive odds to try give you a hard time in picking your winners.

And that is why this guide will be helpful to you, because we will run you through the most popular types of bets on table tennis and how to leverage them for winnings.

Let’s get started:

1. Handicap bet

A handicap bet is one in which your betting pick has a given number to overcome “handicap”, and what makes this type of bet unique is that it boosts the value you get from betting on a given match.

Usually, the bookies give each team a plus or minus figure to denote the handicap a given player is given.

There are 2 types of handicap in table tennis:

The first type of handicap is known as the sets handicap. This can either be negative handicap or a positive handicap.

In table tennis, we only have the half goal handicap, that is (+1.5 or -1.5)

The second type of handicap is known as the winner handicap. This is where you bet on how many points a player will win with or lose with.

How each of this handicaps works is illustrated by brief examples below:

Winner handicap

Sergey Nikulin -2.5, Vladislav Melinkov +2.5

The figures next to each team are applied to their final sores in a match.

If you bet on Sergey Nikulin -2.5, you will win if they win by a three points margin or more. You lose if they win by two points or less.

In this winner handicap or “loser handicap” there is no refund, there is no option available for a draw. You either win or lose.

On the other hand, if you bet on Vladislav +2.5, you will win, if they lose by two points or less, while you will lose if they lose by three points or more.

NOTE: The advantage of winner handicap in table tennis, is that it offers you more safety and guarantee of winning from your stake.

Sets handicap

A sets handicap is similar to the winner handicap but with one main difference: while in winner handicap we are betting on how many points a player will win with or lose with, in the sets handicap we are betting on how many sets a player will be able to win or lose in a match.

2. Table Tennis 1×2 Bets / Match winner

This is the simplest form of table tennis betting in which you pick who will a game (results of the game).

It is important to note that in table tennis, we can only bet on 2 outcomes under the 1×2 market, that is home win or away win ( because in a table tennis match, one of the players must win for the match to be complete)

These kind of bet is paid out after the completion of 3 sets, or 5 sets, or 7 sets depending on the rules and setups of the table tennis games and the tournament it falls under,

3. Banker Table Tennis / Sure bet

As the name suggests, this is a bet on a particular match with very high chances of winning, usually 100% or 99%.

You can bet on various options, such as match winner, over and under betting and the total number of sets in the table tennis match.

These bets are only good if you clearly know the closing and opening odds of a given match,

If you are interested in getting table tennis sure bets, check out our article on mastering table tennis.

4. Over/under (over 74.5 table tennis betting)

Also known as the total points betting option. This is a bet placed on the total number of points the two players will score at the end of the match. That is why you will either chose over 74.5 points or under 74.5 points.

How the over/under betting works in tt?

If we bet on over 74.5 points, we will win when the game ends with 75 points or more but we will lose when the match ends in 74 points or less. On the other side, betting on under 74.5 will be a win if the match ends with 74 points or less, and a lose if the match ends in 75 points or more.

5. Table Tennis Accumulators / Multibets

Betting on accumulators in table tennis is a relatively new addition to the game.

The rapid rise is backed with the fact that you can win big from betting small, example:

You combine more than 2 safe options into one betslip and get a relatively higher safer odd, making you to stake less and win more.

Sometimes referred to as multibets. To bet on an acca / accumulator, you will need to bet on more than one player or market in a one slip.

I highly recommend this betting style for betting on the total number of sets or games .

6. How to find Value while betting on table tennis?

Table tennis, popularly known as ping pong is a very nice game we can bet on and easily find value and win betting on the sport.

Having recorded massive winnings and profits betting on table tennis, here is my 8 detailed steps on how to find value when betting on ping pong :

  1. Check the head to head matches.
  2. Check how both players played their last 5 matches.
  3. Check the number of points scored by both teams in each of their last 2 matches.
  4. Usually a team that scored over 74.5 points in a given match will win the next match.
  5. So now using this information, provided in step 4 above, make your prediction of who wins.
  6. Then, proceed to check the odds the bookmarkers gave the players.
  7. I use for this.
  8. In cases where you find your pick has between 1.57 odds to 1.8 odds, pick it, it is a value bet.

Final tip: The above procedure of finding value bets in table tennis needs patience and discipline. It is meant to achieve success and invest in table tennis betting long-term.


Having bet on table tennis for 2 years and being a fulltime player earlier own. I can gladly suggest that you bet on table tennis setka cup, russia pro league and ukraine pro league.

And to crown it all, betting on the over 74.5 point line, first set winner, total number of games and handicap is the most underrated method to maximize your winners.

Now having learnt how table tennis works, I guess you can add the skills and information you just acquired into your table tennis analysis so that you can come up with accurate betting tips.

REMEMBER: Gamble and bet responsibly.

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